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School Advisory Board

School Advisory Board

The School Board is established by the pastor of St. Pius V Parish, in accord with diocesan policy, to assist him and the principal in the governance of the parish school.

The School Board is consultative, that is, the Board has responsibility and is consulted by the Principal and the Pastor in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Policy Development within the framework of Diocesan policy
  • Financing-including budgeting and policies for financial management
  • Marketing and fund-raising  
  • Public Relations
  • Supporting our mission as a Catholic school


There are three ex-officio members of the School Board: the Pastor, the Principal, and the President of the St. Pius V Parent/Teachers Organization. There are twelve other members who are appointed for three-year terms by the Pastor and Principal from names submitted by the School Board's Nominating Committee.

The School Board is directed by the Executive Committee which consists of the Pastor, Principal, and the officers elected by the Board: the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary.


The work of the Board is advanced by Standing Committees:

Building and Grounds Committee

The functions of this committee are to assist in developing and monitoring a maintenance and improvement plan for the building and grounds, and, to work in concert with the parish building committee.

Development and Public Relations Committee

The functions of this committee are to plan the overall development of the school, including marketing, fund-raising, and public relations, and, to be a liaison with the Alumni Association.

Finance Committee

The functions of this committee are to work with the principal and pastor to develop the annual budget including parish subsidy, to monitor the budget and present regular financial reports to the full board.

Mission Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Committee

The functions of this committee are to ensure the Catholic mission of the school and to inaugurate and monitor the strategic planning process for the school, including accreditation requirements.

Technology Committee

The function of this committee is to assist the principal in identifying, procuring, and maintaining technology that supports the mission and specific educational goals of the school, as well as helping develop policies for acceptable use of technology.

There are also Ad Hoc Committees. A Nominating Committee, consisting of three members of the Board and the Principal, is formed each Spring to solicit nominees for the board, submit the list of nominees to the Pastor and the Principal, and present a slate of officers to the board for action. Any Ad Hoc Committee may be created by majority vote of the Board as the Board deems necessary to accomplish its work.


The School Board meets every  month, starting in September. Every other meeting consists of  committees working on their assigned goals. Members of the St. Pius V School Community should feel free to contact the Chair or any member of the School Board with questions, observations, or suggestions.