Extended Day Program

Saint Pius V extended day program is located in the school gym and is available to families when school is in session from dismissal at 2:30pm to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. It is open to all grade levels, pre-k through eight. Staff consists of the director, four regular staff (some of whom are Providence College students), as well as three alternate as needed staff members.

Averages of thirty-five to forty-five students attend the program with three to four staff scheduled to work daily. Registration, authorization, emergency, and allergy forms are all on file in the extended day program. For the students’ protection, proper precautions are always taken by staff when students are being signed out by parents, guardians or other authorized persons. Parents must notify the director in writing if someone else is picking up their child.

Students in the extended day program are encouraged to work or play in pairs or groups to promote cooperation and respect. It is expected that students will adhere to the same rules of behavior as they do during regular school hours. This includes respect for staff, each other, and school property.

Students in the extended day program are given opportunities to work on homework (with assistance if needed), have snack, play games, play with blocks or Legos, participate in story time (pre-k and kindergarten), create art, read, play with jump ropes and balls, or play outside in fair weather.