St. Pius V Catholic School, located in Providence, Rhode Island, was founded in 1929 and has been operating continuously for the past ninety years.  The school was first staffed by the Dominican Sisters of Baluvelt, New York, and in 2004, the Diocese of Providence invited the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, Tennessee to lead the school, continuing its rich Dominican tradition. 

The Nashville Dominican Sisters have played an integral role in shaping and leading the school in the 21st century.  The Sisters are a vital part of the school's faculty and staff, serving both as classroom teachers and as principals of the school.  Alongside a dedicated staff of lay Catholic educators, the Sisters strive to form each child in God's Turth, and to instill in students the four pillars of Dominican spirituality: 


Our Mission

Rooted in the Dominican tradition, St. Pius V School provides a Christ-centered learning environment in which students grow in the virtues of faith, truth, and charity.  Currently, St. Pius V School serves approximately 250 students in Pre-K through Eighth Grade.