Welcome to Saint Pius V School!

It is a true joy to be engaged in the formation and education of youth. Our hope for your child is the same as yours--to follow Our Lord and to one day rejoice with Him in heaven.

Established in 1928, Saint Pius V School has a long history of education in the Domincan tradition. The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, in collaboration with talented and dedicated faculty and staff, continue to carry out this mission. We provide an educational environment that promotes friendship with Jesus Christ through prayer, study, community, and service.

At St. Pius, we foster in our students love for their Creator through study of the natural world. We enable them to achieve true human flourishing through the arts and music. Along the way, we help them to form holy and happy friendships, which are so essential for the well-being of a child today.

The moral, intellectual, and emotional formation of youth is no easy task. We are in unprecedented times, and yet undaunted at our mission. Our school's ninety year history provides us with the wisdom and confidence in God's grace that we need to share the Truth that sets free. Please join us as we work towards the true good of our students, forming them to be saints and scholars after the heart of Christ.

We know the beauty of our community is best experienced in person. We look forward to meeting you so you and your family can see first hand the special place St. Pius V School.

In Christ Our Hope,