Several technological advancements were made in 2015. Our most significant achievement was that all classroom teachers and administrators received new computers. Also, the school adopted the Google Cloud Platform and began using Apple technology. Storing school data and documents on Google Cloud, availing administrators and teachers unlimited storage and access to shared documents, provides improved communication. Furthermore, the school’s network bandwidth was increased to accommodate the extensive use of on-line activity in the classrooms and offices. In addition, the school changed its school management system to RenWeb, improving the ease of creating and accessing school records, as well as home-school communications. We also have a part-time technology specialist for advising the school in its planning and for troubleshooting tech. problems.

Two classroom sets of Chromebooks, and one set of iPads are shared among the grades to support instruction. The school’s technology is implemented into all educational areas: instruction, assessment, administration and management. Homework assignments, up-to-date grade averages, report cards and other important information regarding school activities are communicated through RenWeb.

Classroom teachers utilize various aspects of technology in the classroom including Google Classroom in our middle school, math support programs, projectors to demonstrate and enhance lessons, and I-pads for reinforcement of skills in the early childhood classrooms. The technology teacher may also create lessons that complement classroom instruction and projects. Teachers have the opportunity to attend professional development courses throughout the year.