Lighthouse Program

St. Pius V Lighthouse Program was instituted in 2008 as a means of increasing support for all St. Pius V students. Its name indicates the purpose of providing a beacon of hope, and making the benefits of a Catholic education available to all students K-8 grade. Through this program, the school offers one-on-one and small group support to students needing academic assistance, particularly in areas of math, reading, writing, and organizational skills. A certified special education teacher directs this program, which also includes the services of a certified Wilson Reading instructor, and volunteer reading tutor.

Additionally, individual and small group counseling services are available through a partnership with a licensed social worker and child psychologist. Students with IEPs also receive on-site academic assistance and speech therapy through the City of Providence.

In addition to support services, the Lighthouse program provides enrichment classes and/or accelerated activities in the core subjects for qualifying students during the school day. Middle School students are offered electives in both academics and the cultural arts. There are also After School Enrichment classes available for all students, providing a variety of programs such as science, Odyssey of the Mind, art, and more. All of these enrichment programs complement the curriculum and contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals.