​Recycling Club on A Mission

This year, the Recycling Club has been busy spreading awareness to the St. Pius V community about the importance of recycling and its worldwide impact.  Students have placed recycling bins in each of the classrooms and four waste disposal centers in the cafeteria.  After school, the club rinses and sorts the recyclable items. 

Led by Mrs. Wilkins, club members have conducted mini experiments to examine the number of recyclables that are thrown away.

“Having twice emptied, rinsed and sorted items after lunchtime, we found that over 1/3 of the items in the waste bin were recyclable”.

Because of this discovery, the Recycling Club is on a mission to educate their peers about how to recycle and why it’s important.  They are giving presentations to the upper and lower schools that include hands-on demonstrations, slideshows and videos.

Mrs. Wilkins recounted a very exciting field trip the Recycling Club took to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center located in Johnston, Rhode Island. Students watched how waste was sorted and recycled in large amounts.  At the end of the tour, students gathered onto a bus that drove them to the top of an extremely steep hill consisting of trash.  

“We all couldn’t believe it, we were amazed”, she says.

The sophisticated sorting system showed students that their job at St. Pius V, though small, certainly contributes to the overall improvement of the environment. 

St. Pius V is extremely proud of the Recycling Club and their efforts!