Spanish Class

Señora DiIorio, one of St. Pius V School’s Spanish teachers, is always looking for new ways to expose our students to Spanish Language and culture.  One way Señora DiIorio is fostering this awareness is by welcoming family members of current students to visit her Spanish classes and read Spanish and bilingual books aloud to them.

"This enhances student’s knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and helps improve their contextual analysis skills," Señora DiIorio says. 

To strengthen St. Pius V School’s relationship with the RI Latino Books of the Month Club, Señora DiIorio also plans to choose some of these books for the read-a-longs and to bring in a mixture of stories and messages from the club to her classroom as well.

Although a simple activity, having parents visit campus to read to our students has a very profound effect.  Young children look up to these adults and think "I can do the same as you! I can speak Spanish!"  Our students at St. Pius V School get excited about their parents reading to their peers and take pride in their Spanish-speaking abilities.  Parents immerse themselves in the learning process, too, not only for their own child but also for all the other students in the classroom.  

For some, this activity speaks to the familial environment St. Pius V School fosters among its community members. 

"Coming to St. Pius V School is joining a family", says Lauren Galván, Director of Advancement.  "When parents come to visit and participate in classroom activities, students have so much fun learning.  But it also tells our students that they are loved and supported by many members in our community."