NET Ministries Leads Retreat on Authentic Friendship

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, St. Pius V School hosted our first-ever faith retreat for the entire Middle School!  Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade gathered in the church hall to celebrate their faith with the young leaders of NET (the New Evangelization Team) Ministries.     

NET Ministries is a dedicated group of Catholics between ages 18-28 who devote nine months to spreading the Gospel and inviting young people to live their life entirely for Christ!

Tuesday morning, our students warmed up for the day with a few fun games, learned more about their young leaders, and participated in group prayer. Sr. Vincent Marie, O.P., our Religion and History teacher, was thrilled that the students could interact with young people who are so invested in their faith.

“The theme of the retreat today is Authentic Friendship. So, hopefully, by interacting with leaders they can relate to, our students will learn how to love God while building friendships,” Sister said.  

St. Pius V School’s newest initiative is to bring a yearly retreat to students in both the upper and lower schools. Since this was our school’s first retreat, students were anxious to begin and see what it was all about.

While the retreat was geared towards students specifically, teachers and staff were just as excited.

“We encourage the students to live a life through Christ all the time. And now they are hearing this message and seeing it play out in young NET Ministries evangelists, who have committed to come into our school and celebrate our shared faith with our students because it’s that important to them.”

St. Pius V School is very blessed to have NET Ministries lead a retreat for our students, and we hope that they all connect with God more deeply on their retreats and return with a stronger desire to love Christ, Our Lord, and to love their neighbor for His sake.