2nd Grader Sells Artwork to Raise Money for Healthcare Workers

Angelina Bianco, one of our 2nd graders at St. Pius V School, combined her passion for art and love for family to raise money for healthcare workers at Butler Hospital during her time in quarantine. 

Like many of us, Angelina began to feel the effects of social distancing after weeks of not seeing her family and friends. To remedy this, Angelina began to paint and draw. 

Lisa Bianco, Angelina’s mother, says that creating art has always been her daughter’s passion.

“It’s a love she has always had since she was six months old and could hold a crayon or paintbrush.”

After this first spark of creativity, Angelina began to teach live art lessons to her family and friends in a Facebook live segment called “Angelina’s Art”. As the masterpieces began to pile up, Angelina decided to sell her artwork to raise money for local medical workers at Butler Hospital, including her cousin, Johnny. 

Thus far, Angelina’s Art has raised $112 to help purchase personal protective equipment and other protective gear. 

Ms. Bianco is overjoyed by her daughter's act of selflessness during this chaotic time.

“I wanted to thank St. Pius V School for being such a huge influence on my daughter’s values, morals and life. As we know, it does ‘take village’, and I am ever so thankful that St. Pius is part of our village.”

St. Pius V School is very proud of Angelina for bringing us together during this time of distancing and for using her talents to help her community. We are certainly glad Miss Angelina is a member of our own village!