A student learns online during COVID-19

At St. Pius V School, there are many nice activities and programs for students.  As a student in the Online Learning Academy,  I am happy.   The OLA days can be short or long, depending on how many zoom calls and assignments I have to complete. Recently, I have been having shorter days with fewer assignments which makes me happy. While I have the same amount of school work, I have more free time to do anything else I might want to do, like play with my brother and sister, enjoy fresh air, or just read for fun. One of the best things about being online is that you can take a break when you need to, and you can work at your own pace.  

Throughout the year, St. Pius V. School has many fun events for the students.  In February, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.  During that week, I had a chance to play bingo via zoom and I was able to watch the 8th grade versus teachers Kahoot.  Next week,  the Student Council of which I am a member will be making a Saint Patrick’s Day Kahoot that everyone will have a chance to play within their own classroom. The top three students in each class will receive a prize. I really like how St. Pius finds ways for students like me, who are online, to enjoy and participate in school activities, too.  These are a few reasons why being in the Online Learning Academy has been a positive experience for me.