Catarina Tells About 7th Grade HIstory

In history class, we recently had a project due about the Middle Ages. We had an opportunity to pick from four categories : people, events, art/architecture, and cultural aspects. Under each category were multiple different topics, such as the Bubonic Plague, the Bayeux Tapestry, Charlemagne, and Medieval Feasts. The projects were very interesting. Each student had a different take on what visual aid they could create. Some examples were pictures of the topic, a poster, a trifold, and recreating something out of their topic. When each student presented, it was quite clear that they had done a lot of research on their chosen topic. They spoke eloquently and seemed very knowledgeable about their topic. Everyone put in a lot of effort and they all looked like they had a lot of fun putting together their projects. All in all, everyone’s history project about the Middle Ages really stood out to me, each in their own way.