Service at Mary House

On April 25th, ten SPV Student Council members along with their advisors, Mrs. Elisa Thibeault and Sister Anne, volunteered at Mary House Food Pantry. The students and teachers helped serve the Monday night meal. Mary House is an outreach ministry of Saint Patrick's Parish on Smith Street. The students enjoyed serving the food, clearing dishes, greeting the guests, and helping in other ways. It was a wonderful experience for our students as they expressed the charity of Christ right here in Providence. Living the works of mercy forms an indispensable part of our mission here at St. Pius V.

One of the volunteers at Mary House said the following about our SPV students:

My heart and soul are full of thankfulness, gratefulness and a million other emotions. Seeing the young students, so eager to help, serve, clean up, sit with our guests and all this and much more was done with smiles and such and caring for our brothers and sisters in need.Please thank them and yourself from the bottom of this humble heart. God bless you all!